Dave Cook


Dave’s passion is an opportunity for the rest of us to own something truly unique.  If you are the type of person who prefers to stand out in a crowd instead of simply standing in one, perhaps Dave should be  building a bike for you. Ever since Dave chopped his father's handmade picnic table apart to build the frame for his first motorized go-kart at the age of 13, he knew he was destined to spend his life fabricating one of a kind , mechanical devices, and damn the consequences.

As an adult Dave parlayed a stint as a professional auto mechanic into a long and profitable, but unfulfilling run at owning a used car lot. All the while he continued to feed his need to create. Settling on motorcycles as his chosen art form he produced an uncounted string of them as a hobby over the decade and a half that he maintained his auto sales business.

Finally, in 2002 Dave made the decision to make whatever changes necessary to devote himself 100% to building the machines that he loves, and there has been no looking back ever since.




John “JP” Persitza is the go to guy for the business side of life at Cook Customs.  If he is not dealing with purchasing, event planning, customer service, or responding to inquiries from our website, he is probably working on a file for one of our CNC machined components.

Though very capable at a broad range of graphic design and painting skills, a quick tour of the Cook bikes in this site will indicate that these abilities are certainly not being overused. Dave’s bikes generally stand as art in their own right, without the need for much adornment.

With a lifetime of custom design and fabrication experience in a number of areas, his favorite escape from the business side of things is the opportunity to fabricate components for one of our, or our customers, bikes.


Matt Drew


If Cook Customs were a 60’s Disney movie Matt would be the Wizard’s Apprentice.  Helping Dave with a broad range of the fabrication that goes into producing our Cook Custom Components, he is also a great contributor to the manpower necessary to create some of Dave’s more whimsical creations, such as 55 mph wheelie popping love seats.

When he is not working on helping Dave with bike (or couch) parts there is a good chance you will find him working with JP’s better half, Colleen Swartz, photographing a motorcycle for publication, or any one of the other photographic specialties they engage in, such as pin-up photography and motorcycle event coverage.


Warren Heir Jr.


The latest addition to the Cook crew, Warren was born and bred in the bike business. Son of Warren Heir Sr., owner of Warrens Cycle in Round Lake Illinois, Jr. cut his teeth on repair and service of Harley Davidsons. As his skills grew so did his need to build his own bikes.

While Dave continues to focus on one of a kind builds, Warren and JP are working on a plan to help make Dave’s style available in components suitable for use with bikes built on a stock foundation.

Now with numerous builds under his his belt, publication of 2 of his bikes in Cycle Source magazine, attention in other magazines such as Iron Horse and Street Chopper for his sponsorship of the El Diablo Run and others, Warren is working to bring his style of old school components to his brothers who share his appreciation for the 60’s and 70’s style chops he loves to create. Look for Warren Jr’s offering of parts in our online store.