This bike is the first that Dave built using what is becoming his signature leaf spring swing arm rear suspension. It also features an exhaust which runs through the open primary and a foot clutch/hand shift and is set up with an auxiliary hand clutch to facilitate smoother transitions at stop lights.

After a short but successful run at the local show circuit, Dave was honored to sell this bike to Jay Allen, owner of the world famous Broken Spoke Saloons. Expect to see this bike at Jay's bars around the country.




Double down tube frame with C.C. ”pogo“ front fork assembly

Leaf spring rear suspension with travel stop

Internal throttle and inverted “auxilary” clutch lever

Hand shift with custom linkage

Cook Custom Sprocket/Brake (with K-Tech caliper)

Through primary exhaust

Over/under backbone with suspended fuel tank

Custom head lamp

Absolutely guaranteed to not carry a passenger